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How Do I Open a Dispute

While most issues can be handled successfully through basic, open dialogue with the seller (as both parties benefit from a favorable business relationship), some situations must be escalated into more formal requests.

By opening a dispute, you are officially stating that you are dissatisfied with some aspect of the seller’s products and want them to take immediate action to remedy the situation.

A dispute is opened if:

Mobile Order is not received within the confirmation date (confirmation dates vary according to the sellers’ stated delivery time, 30 days maximum) and after the seller has confirmed the order has been shipped.
If your order is delivered successfully according to our system, the delivery time in our order will be reduced to 5 days.

When your order is not received in a satisfactory condition

Fill out the form provided. Explain the issue with your order and request an exchange, a partial refund, or in some cases a full refund.

How the Dispute process works

After submitting the Open Dispute form, the seller has 15 days to respond and try to reach an agreement with you. If no agreement is reached within the 15-day time period, the dispute automatically becomes a claim. Claims are reviewed and mediated by the Mobile Media Support Team.

If you don’t hear back from the seller or if you feel negotiations are not moving forward, you do not have to wait until the 15-day dispute period ends – you may file a claim within 3 days of opening a dispute.

Note: All dispute information will be recorded and saved by the Mobile Media Support Team in case the dispute becomes a claim. If the claim reason is ‘not received products’ but the seller’s stated delivery time has not ended, the team will handle the case until it ends.

Keep in Contact With Seller

It is strongly urged that you do your best to discuss any issues with seller to try and negotiate a reasonable solution, as your purchase is with the seller directly and not with Mobile Media. It is also recommended that you actively keep in communication with the seller during the Dispute process. All relevant dispute information entered in the Open Dispute form should be shared with the seller via email, leaving messages, as this may help expedite the process.

How do I request a claim from Mobile Media?

In the unfortunate event that you and the seller can’t reach an agreement during the 15-day Dispute time period, you may File a Claim. Both Contact Seller and Open Dispute are steps you take to talk to and negotiate with the seller. The last step in the process is filing a claim, which escalates the matter to Mobile Media.

Open Dispute

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