Anywhere, Anytime & Instantly

Built with modern retailers and platforms in mind to provide a seamless customer experience across all channels. Manage all your online and offline sales in one place with a mobile integration, simplifying reporting and reconciliation. Unify payouts across all your channels with your own mobile point of sale for a seamless checkout experience. Your own mobile wallet is what will allow Customers & Followers to buy products & services from you in just one click. Scale your business on all your social channels, feeds, websites, articles, blogs, etc…


Monetize All Your Social Channels

Expand your Social reach by selling your products & services directly within your customer’s favorite iOS & Android apps. It provides end-to-end encryption, contactless payments and helps protect you against liability for counterfeit fraud. Now you can eliminate total absence of benefits on social networks, make your business instantly accessible to anyone & stop wasting money on expensive ads.



Online and In-Person Payments

Add your Mobile Wallet URL to your Social bio.

Social channels, feeds, websites, articles, blogs, etc…

Add your Mobile Wallet QR Code to your Business Card.

Business cards, flyers, posters, social feeds, websites, articles, etc…

All Mobile Wallets



Buy, Sell & Trade on the Go!

Scale your business without high costs. We provide you with the most essential tools & add-ons that businesses need to build & manage online- & offline payments on any mobile device. Your Personal URL + QR Code is send to your email after activating your Mobile Wallet and connected with Stripe.