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Mobile Media turns your Smartphone into a Payment Terminal

With the advent of Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and similar services, mobile payments are fast overtaking cash and card payments. The convenience of using your phone instead of having to carry cards cannot be overstated. Of course, now that we can send payments via mobile, it only makes sense that the next step should be the ability to receive payments via mobile. This has been semi-possible for some time. Services like Stripe offer card small-scale terminals that can be paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth to receive payments. Now, Mobile Media has one-upped such services by launching mPOS Terminals.

Mobile Media’s mPOS Terminal is a progressive web app that takes compatible smartphones and turns them into PoS (point-of-sale) terminals that can be used to receive contactless payments. In essence, Mobile Media is extending its services from customers to merchants. That means that all merchants with mobile devices will be able to use the app. It’s also a safe bet that the mPOS Terminals will support all mobile devices in the future when released. Furthermore, it seems to be unlimited to users all around the globe.

The service isn’t free to use. Credit card and Debit card transactions will cost 2.49% per transaction. Transfers are immediate, payouts can take up to 3 days. There is in principle no limit on transactions, so no investments needed in a dedicated terminal for handling large transactions, which makes this app superior.

The support for multiple devices being linked to one account, and business owners can create individual staff accounts to track sales for each staff member. This is really useful for companies whose pay is commission-based. On top of that, receipts can be sent as PDF via email, and mPOS Terminals can be customized with Custom Cards.