September 6, 2020

Mobile Media turns your Smartphone into a Payment Terminal

With the advent of Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and similar services, mobile payments are fast overtaking cash and card payments. The convenience of using your phone instead of having to carry cards cannot be overstated. Of course, now...

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June 23, 2020

Digital Receipts or (Toxic) Paper

What's wrong with paper receipts, and why are many entrepreneurs switching to digital? Receipts can have a cumulative effect on your health, environment and finances - and your filing system.

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June 21, 2020

mPOS Web 3.0

Smartphone as mobile POS (mPOS) Money mobility has until now been reserved for the user. From now on, all entrepreneurs will also be given this option. The financial system is changing rapidly, both from the perspective of the consumer and...

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